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Just as we wrapped up the last Express Raven, new information came in. And with War of the Kingdoms happening this weekend, we are trying to clear up as much pending updates as possible.

TERRAX joins 1 billion BR club

Too sweet!

Kynaston, ECL make the decision to go to K8; Mickey mantles out

If you notice something else on the image above, it is that Kynaston has a new kingdom number. Give us K8 versus K14 or we riot.

Meanwhile, MickeyM balked at permanently affixing himself on K8 as he returned to K1 to side with HouseVelaryon (HVL).

Eclipse brings in Doakness; Beware to K33

Also part of this ECL shuffle is Doakness landing on K8. With this development, we are not sure if all the “ECL going to K19talk before was just a smokescreen to nab this big transfer.

If that was indeed the case, you got punk’d. Or… it can be a concession between the two parties so that ECL would let K19 live in peace. We do not want to speculate, but we just did.

Meanwhile, Beware, formerly of ECL, joins MAHARLIKA (UY4) of K33, further bolstering this TheWolfpack (UYT) family member. Also reinforcing UY4 is 1NightKing, formerly of K50.

K33, K44 benefit from K6 diaspora

It appears that some members of CrusadersOfLight (C0L) are not waiting for next week to move out of K6 as Jynne and three others have made their journey to K33. Meanwhile, NightsWatchWarriors (NwW) carved their own path away from the rest of the coalition of soon-to-be former K6 alliances as they relocated to K44. Their mates are still trimming their list as of publishing time.

A Lord and a Lady from K16 have also made their presence felt on K33 after a similarly-named Lord was called out for gathering outside of his alliance’s borders. Back to K44, an Essos-based alliance from a teens kingdom made their way there.

THIS JUST IN: Another K16 Lady has made her way to K33.

K10 attracts veterans

K10, one of several kingdoms that was in the running for the Kyanaston-ECL sweepstakes, made smaller, but still significant signings, prying Unbeatable from K6 and GeMbErKoEk from K16. ImChamito of K10 has reportedly moved to K8.

Mid-20s whale on their way to K14?

The big just keeps on getting bigger as we heard that a major alliance on K14 is seriously pursuing a whale from a mid-20s kingdom.

Intentionally burying a lead, we received whispers that a pair of whales from a mid-early kingdom is ending their watch for good, thereby igniting a series of events that led to other leading alliances deciding to depart.

K62 and K66: birthplaces of new whales?

We got reports that potential whales are emerging in still protected kingdoms. That is it. That is all we got.

Two castle owners play tag on K15 Common Kingdom Hall

While we were taking a visit of the K15 Common Hall, we found two castle owners playing tag in the different rooms. Kids.

THIS JUST IN: Major changes happening on K1 that would culminate in next Castle Siege

Last week, it was DaciaLegion (DcL). LANNISTERS (LTS) could be next.

Are there anything interesting happening in your kingdom? Let us know.

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