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What? It is War of the Kingdoms week again? We have barely recovered from the last one. I guess it is better this way than to wait four whole years for every World Cup.

For this month, we group kingdoms according to size. Granted that we cannot determine actual kingdom strength, the closest approximation that has been commonly used is total power of every kingdom’s alliance found in the world top 100 rankings.

Here are the kingdoms grouped into five distinct categories:

Large kingdoms

What are they: K1, K5, K8, K14, K18

What to expect: Kingdoms with 20 billion or more BR in the world alliance rankings, this is where the big boys are. Dynamics considered, the match to watch out for is between K8 and K14. Any other pairing involving these two would be a disappointment.

Ideal match: K8 vs K14 – can Eclipse (ECL) integrate themselves into K8’s system just in time? Also, ECL and 100Kings (1KS) meet again.

Medium-sized kingdoms

What are they: K3, K4, K6, K7, K10, K11, K16, K20, K21, K25, K26, K29

What to expect: These are kingdoms with eight-place value BRs in the world clan list that are not big enough to be considered a giant kingdom. We see Ks here with head-to-head history against each other, so there is a possibility of repeat matches.

Ideal match: K7 vs K13 – I am using an exception here, and I will provide more context once we reach the next group. A battle of two undefeated kingdoms is always a fun watch. Speaking of, where is K19?

Small kingdoms

What are they: K2, K9, K12, K13, K15, K17, K23, K24, K28, K31, K32, K33, K35, K37, K39, K42, K44, K46, K49

What to expect: These are kingdoms with less than 10 billion BR in the overall alliance charts. They usually have one dominant power that has (or had) contracted everybody’s growth or these are where everybody unilaterally decided to keep everything among themselves.

For those 20 and above, this is an added condition – considering that older kingdoms have at least a four-month head start, they really are mid-sized compared to others in their age bracket. There are budding giants in this sub-group.

Ideal matchup: whoever gets paired with K13 – when we say they are a giant slayer, we are not kidding. Calling it now. If K13 gets anyone from this group, chalk it up as an easy win for the unbeaten K. Any smaller kingdom would be child’s play to them.

Mini kingdoms

What are they: K22, K27, K30, K34, K36, K38, K40, K41, K43, K45, K47, K48

What to expect: Kingdoms that barely register a blip on the radar. Take heed though. Sometimes, it is those who play small ball are the ones more entertaining to watch. And as proven this decade at the NBA, it can win championships and change the meta as well.

Ideal matchup: K22 vs K27 – we are not beyond real-world rivalries when dreaming of probable matches. Korea are Taiwan are not just rivals in baseball, their resentment towards each other has deep geo-political roots as well.

No data

What are they: K19, K50, K51, K52

What to expect: Save for K19, welcome to the big dance, young’uns.

Ideal matchup: Just have fun, you guys. As for K19, pick someone your own undetermined size.

What matches are you anticipating? Share it with us.

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Featured image courtesy of The Guardian.

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