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This is it boys, this is war.

People of all generations are familiar with that statement, whether they encountered it from a 1960s movie, a 1980s German new wave hit, or a 2010s indie pop song. All we want to say is, “Winter is coming in less than an hour.”

Between one to excited, how pumped are you for the third War of the Kingdoms? Is it your first time or are you now a war-torn veteran? How will you play having castles in multiple kingdoms?

Also, how do you like our new look?

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Published by JP Abcede

I am a licensed Insurance Adviser and Certified Investment Solicitor providing suitable financial solutions to my clients.

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  1. K1 is trash, a few whales and not much else–the real match up was K8 vs K5 last KVK where K5’s 2nd alliance SIN didn’t participate- they did this time around and K1 didn’t stand a chance. K8 is blowing out K14 right now.


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