Immortal combat: light troops find themselves impervious to group rebel attack

Light infantry #73 (not his real name) woke up one day and found himself invulnerable against group rebels. This is a welcome turn to military personnel of his level.

Level I troops, also known as L1 or light troops, have lately been relegated to being used as meatshields left out in the open standing patrol awaiting rogue attacks at the dead of night, while their lord and more battle-ready peers are bunkered in the Shelter. In other instances, they are left to do menial tasks, such as gather grain that magically disappear as soon as they arrive at the castle gates.

Due to this impenetrable aura that was recently uncovered, light troops are now being deployed on rebel group attack missions. Impermeable they might have become, they still cannot finish the job as the random spawns on the kingdom map remain standing after every skirmish.

This deadlock frustrated lords all over that they decided to bench these noob militia and utilize their energy by bringing out their main weapons to finish off said rebels.

Observing anything unusual in your kingdom? Tell us! Send a raven message right now.

Published by JP Abcede

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