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OblivionDynasty (OBV) of K8 proved they can dominate any form of competition in Westeros, this time besting top alliances from other kingdoms in the Elite division of Alliance Mobilization.

Some of the alliances they overcame include TheWolfPack (UYT) of K33, HouseOfHeroes (HOH) of K5, PhoenixAscendant (X1A) of K21, Raven (R4V) of K5, TheHoundsPuppies (THP) of K5, and ECLIPSIS (ECS) of K9.

Meanwhile, other members of the Oblivion family found themselves bunched together with group winner LANNISTERS (LTS) of K1, as well as Kingsguard (KGD) of K25.

In another Elite category, Burning (FoF) of K6, SeeKnDestroy (SKD) of K25, TheHuns (THu) of K10, 100Kings (1KS) of K14, and HippyHookers (HnH) of K4 found themselves losing to Dracaryss (RYS) of K21.

Moving over to the Novice level, TheWinter (win) of K6 upended the likes of Tyrell (HTL) of K4, NZG (NazgulS) of K36 (presently K44), and GuinnessCZE (GCZ) of K12.

The likes of TheCartel (CtL) of K18, PolscyPaladyni (PL*) of K9 (formerly K12), and Darkwings (DAR) of K44 placed behind K5’s FistsOfIron (F0I).

Over at the Apprentice level, MAHARLIKA (UY4) of K33 routed the rest of their group, while HoundsfromH3ll (HfH) of K37 placed third in theirs.

How did your alliance fare in this month’s Alliance Mobilization? Share them to us via raven message. You can also send results for next month’s edition of the event through this manner.

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