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A number of defections, transfers, and diplomatic announcements (rumored or otherwise) occurred the past week. Here is our rundown of some of them.

TIG declares war on most of K1

Recently-founded K1 alliance Tigerians (TIG) has declared war on almost every significant guild in the kingdom. Initially, it also included LANNISTERS (LTS), the previous alliance where most of TIG’s members come from, but has since been omitted.

In addition, TIG Duke Byzantine also revealed that according to their own birds, several alliances are looking to jump ship from K1. They name-dropped KIBA as someone quitting the game, although the latter is currently aligned with TIG.

LTS members cite frustration, have transferred or are considering quitting

The recent spate of events that befell LTS has two of its established personnel reflect if they want to resume their duties as head of their respective castles. As of our last check, one of them was unaligned and the other is with a splinter faction.

Those confirmed to have transferred from LTS are M87 to 1KS and BryndenRiver to DaciaLegion (DcL) on K2.

Player leaves PHB for K2; K1 alliance possibly headed to K9

Wild Ygrette has officially departed PornHub (PHB) to relocate to K2. Monkeyman819, along with the rest of AngelsOfIce (AGL), is mulling to change kingdoms from K1 to K9.

DcL Lord heads to DHE

Rebellion members were pleasantly surprised to see Silones with a different tag when they passed by his castle. The former DcL Lord is now with DragonHeim (DHE).

Kynaston and Lord GODIVA update

Kynaston, currently of ECLIPSE (ECL), has surpassed 100Kings’ (1KS) Lord GODIVA in BR by a wide gap.

K3 leak reveals alliance hive coordinates

Our birds have come to a piece of document that shows homebase coordinates of several K3 hives. The alliances mentioned include:

  • TheZodiacAffiliates (TZA)
  • TheImmortals (IIM)
  • TheGermans (ger)
  • Ragnarok (war)
  • NorthWolves (NWS)
  • Livonia (LIV)

Truce up, guys.

Four-alliance coalition on K6 goes up against XMN

The coalition composed of StormOfSwords (SvS), BirdsOfWesteros (FLy), PaleYellowMoon (DnB), and NightsWatchWarriors (NwW) declared war on XMEN (XMN); the casus belli being a disagreement on the terms of reparations for unintentional attacks.

As of posting time, the four-alliance coalition has been on the offensive, with XMN and its allies and protectors being relegated to defensive measures and counterattacks.

Everything is not going swimmingly though, as Pac jr (formerly of FLy) went rogue and started attacking allied castles.

K6 Castle Siege results: FoF, coalition rule the roost

Burning (FoF) and its satellite alliances seized four Great Castles, flexing their muscle on K6. SvS, FLy, DnB, and LastHopeRaid (LHR) each garrisoned one Great City.

KittyEyes handed ‘Fool’ debuff on K6

KittyEyes, presently of LordsofDragons (LD0), is granted the Fool debuff. As per K6 codex, any play can attack her without any repercussions, as any offensive against her would not be in violation of the codex.

Anything interesting happening in your kingdom? Heard that someone is on the move? Inform us.

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