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It can now be said. Winter is bound to arrive and it will be called War of the Kingdoms.

According to details posted on the GTArcade Official Forum, the new event would have random kingdoms pitting against each other head-to-head. The kingdom with more points in their matchup would be awarded higher level diamond mines with the losing kingdom settling for level 1 diamond mines. Additional prizes and bonuses are also at stake.

Points would be determined from the following: attacking rebel leaders, gathering resources, occupying Great Cities, as well as actual player-to-player combat.

During the event, players are able to freely teleport between their home kingdom and their opponent’s kingdom using Precise and Random Transfers. Those who are in the opposing kingdom at the end of the event would be ported back to their original kingdom at no additional cost.

Disclaimer: The Raven Express/GOT WIC Raven Express is a fan-created website and is not affiliated with the GOTWIC game.

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