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Ever since being appointed Diplomat Advisor of DaciaLegion (DcL), War Maiden has had the arduous task of ‘repairing the image’ of her alliance. Matters compound when the Rebellion has a dedicated personnel of creating content favorable to their cause.

She stated that Dacia does not play that game as they would rather prove themselves in the battlefield where actual results can be felt.

[He claims to be the] protector of the people, yet only the top two alliances in the “rebellion” matter. Our embassy rows keeps filling up with new diplomats who express discontent with this “rebellion”. It seems our brand of ‘tyranny’ is much better than his “tyrannical” rule.

War Maiden on Rebellion leader Reaper Iru

This seems to be working as DcL has clinched a deal with LANNISTERS (LTS) to transfer from K1 and help in their cause.

Outside of K2 and all the topsy-turvy stuff that is happening there though, War Maiden is also looking at the long game that goes beyond the affairs of a single kingdom. She posted on the GOT Winter is Coming subreddit a proposal to initiate training alliances in a server that is not yet tainted with drama and diplomatic baggage.

One of the issues that a lot of players complain about, especially new players, is that they are constantly attacked, farmed, and [they] have no opportunity for growth or to learn how to play the game. This could be resolved by having a server that has two training alliances.

The post then details how the training alliance system would work. First of all, training alliances cannot be attacked by someone with a high-level castle. Additionally, players under guidance can only be in the alliance for a certain period, but at the same time, cannot leave while undergoing tutelage, or else they lose their privileges of acquiring knowledge and being immuned from getting raided.

Training alliances of the same level can declare war on each other, fighting and rallying amongst themselves. This gives the neophytes the opportunity to experience and learn combat while being able to grow, and more importantly, without the fear of a bigger castle clearing them.

“Academies cannot be attacked by other alliances,” she said. “From what I’ve seen, alt alliances and [smaller players and alliances] get attacked. It [would] take the leadership of not just the biggest on the block, but of all alliance leaders, for this to work.”

War Maiden states that her inspiration came from her time on Game of Thrones Conquest, where her guild leaders were accommodating, willing to assist everyone develop. She is also a long-time veteran as well, having played World of Warcraft, RIFT, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and other games in similar genres.

I’ve seen it [become] successful and the alliances that participate end up with better recruits who understand the game, are more effective, and [are able to] help as soon as they get to the alliance. Less of a learning curve needed.

You also have more long-term players because in that critical stage, they aren’t demoralized because they just got jumped by a large player looking for resources and gold. Instead of quitting, you are giving them an opportunity to grow unheeded in a positive environment.

Altruistic as it may seem, War Maiden is just wired that way, “I’ve always been one to think about the community because without growing it, it’s only a matter of time before people move on to other games, leave due to real life, or quit depending on their experience.”

She can be seen assisting others in the Topic channel in-game, on GOT WIC Tips, and on the game’s main Discord server as well. And now, add Reddit to the list.

“Helping others learn makes me feel good,” but she warns, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m War Maiden. I want to zero people too.”

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