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The dynamics on K18 was rocked this week with the abolition of the kingdom council. Aftershocks were also felt in the most recent Castle Siege with Army of Dead(AoD) and Fortress (RES) taking control of all but one Great City.

The rest of the kingdom took note of this series of developments and voiced their concern at the Common Town Hall. Some of the disputes raised include the total domination of the leading alliance, the imbalance in the kingdom, as well as other issues that affect everyone.

To counter, a member from one of the top alliances opined that K18’s development stagnated because some guilds have resorted to merely gather and produce resources rather than participate in combat. They also added that the previously enacted rule that an alliance can only hold a single big castle at any time hampered growth, and that the kingdom in general has swung between extremes of total peace and absolute conflict.

K18 Caste Siege recap

King’s Landing, Highgarden, The Eyrie, and Winterfell all closed without incident. Most of the action occurred at Sunspear, which changed hands three times.

Original occupant baNBan (baN) was succeeded by AoD 45 minutes into the event. They were replaced by TheDirewolves (DWV) about 30 minutes later before RES took over.

RES also prevented DWV from laying claim on Riverrun. To compound TheDirewolves’ woes, they also lost Casterly Rock to ArmyOfDead an hour in.

In between all of this, the hives of Eternal Night (#EN) and DWV were raided by other alliances, serving a two-fold purpose of softening their enemies and stocking up resources for further offensive maneuvers. LivingDeadArmy (LdA) also suffered this fate holding the fort at Storm’s End before AoD sent a rally to the Great Castle.

Is there anything happening in your kingdom that you would like to share? Send us a raven message today.

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