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We have not gone through our mailbag for two and a half weeks. Which means we have a lot of ground to cover. Let us get right into it.

Hello, About K2. Just wanted you if you can to published that everything was started by Athens when they broke the alliance with Dacia. We fully respected that alliance. I was in that meeting on discord when Athens said “starting this moment the alliance is over”. And the real reason of them was that we were gathering lvl 5 mints. Without warnings without nothing. And ArchTemplar was keep pushing us yelling “YOU WANT WAR! I will attack u right now”. With over 70 players offline we couldn’t afford that in that moment. And we didn’t break the NAP neither. In the next hours there were three strong attacks on our gathering sites. Why do you think those attacks were for? To make us to retaliate of course. AND WE RETALIATE WITH FULL STRENGTH. And as u can see, due to low leadership Athens failed so bad. Maybe now in the last moment u will published the truth.

Mellisandra, DaciaLegion (DcL) Marquis and Recruitment Officer

Here is your time on the spotlight.

Hello. I’m interested on delivering news from K33. There have been some interesting developments and to give you a glimpse of them, K33 is ruled by UT and their sister alliances. The other top alliances outside the UYT family pretty much were allies or had non aggression pacts with them. However, a powerful player that was in UYT and other top alliances, unhappy with UYT’s rule, decided to go solo and have a one-man war against UYT. After many hits against UYT members, he became a terrorist for some and freedom fighter for others. Many have joined him, defying UYT openly while they try to unite the kingdom in preparation for KvK.


Thank you for taking time to deliver this message and show your interest to become a Raven Express correspondent. As for your other concerns (which we have omitted from the rest of the message), it is best that we discuss that privately. You can leave your contact information the same way you reached us.


Not sure what you want from us. Do you have anything to share to us that somehow got lost in transmission? Or, like Donaldson above, you are also interested to become part of The Raven Express team.

We can contact you with the email address you provided. Would you be fine with that?

I have seen a pink colored horse rider in my castle I have the screenshot as well for proof.


You can include links of screenshots in your message. Or you can give us your Discord account and you can send it through private message there.

K14 vs K9 KvK, that guy has 73M power, while all other there have over 150M and royals. Madman… making Kynaston and his hounds look really stupid.


What did we say about K14? Yip, just like those aliens on “Sesame Street”.

This episode is brought to you by the letter… K.

Dead site?


On the contrary, far from it. If you noticed, we focused on the War of the Kingdoms for the past two weeks or so. It so happened that we had to collate a lot of data to bring you detailed recaps and highlights.

Plus, there is also the fact that we participated in the event. We might be in a different plane or role when compared to your average Lord or Lady, but we also want to join in on the fun. Would you deprive us of that?

In K1, Lord Ulu returned to rule over BOB again. There was a vote. It was a tie. Roadie kept BOB alliance. Ulu began new alliance: SUL. SUL seeking new members high BR only. May be a secret deal in the works. Ulu may take over top 15 alliance. Offer being discussed.

Lola Ann Faircloth

It is conversations spoken in hushed tones like the one above that keeps the world of Westeros moving; and this publication in business.

Speaking of, we segue to a cheap plug: we are on Patreon, yo!

Hi, I’m DHR Karamazov and wanted to share with you the biggest betrayal of K17. Feel free to share the story if you like it and you can also fact check it with Sheep. It’s a dirty story and if you want, you can share it on your site. Here’s how we, DHR, pulled off the biggest coup in the history of this kingdom: We need to go back 2 months ago, when MYM was reigning over the kingdom. Thrasher was a glorious leader and won King’s Landing for MYM with his calls. Wildire “the Ironbank” just reached T4s as the first person on the server. MYM was located at Sunspear back then, but the wanted the spot on King’s Landing. He sent former (7DeadlySins) a message to move out of King’s Landing which lead to huge troubles inside of and finally to Nevertheless, WarSheep and other important members leaving the alliance and joining SD7, which was ‘s academy alliance and is now DHR. A few days passed and a member in SD7, Mahalanobis, decided to join the biggest enemy, MYM, to provide important information to DHR while also trying to cause trouble inside MYM. Sieges followed where MYM dominated DHR, but then, DHR landed strikes on large members of MYM like needles. It was like magic, DHR always striked MYM when they were most vulnerable. Either they hit big players while they were unbubbled or hit the whole hive when few people were online. That was due to the excellent organization between DHR members and their informant Karamazov which eventually lead to DHR finally winning KL in a castle siege over MYM 3 weeks ago. That was when Karamazov pulled his first coup. Nevertheless who also had T4s by then sent a huge rally to hit MYM’s reinforced KL. MYM were probably able to defend but 10 seconds before the rally hit, Karamazov pulled out his troops which lead to two things: Nevertheless and DHR won the battle and conquered KL and many members in MYM got suspicious. With wits and lies Karamazov somehow convinced the members of MYM that he didn’t see the rally and he wanted to heal his troops and send them back. This was also the tipping point when DHR finally started to dominate MYM. Almost daily attacks on MYM followed that always lead to many dead soldiers, one of them being the hit on IronHorse with 800k dead troops on his side. MYM’s second strongest member Dunbeard who also just unlocked T4s was overwhelmed by the daily attacks and the bad preparation of his alliance that he decided to put down the bottle and stopped being a pirate in K17. Fast forward to Thrasher stepping down as a leader which also lead to his best friend and strongest member Wildire going into the same profession as Dunbeard – quitting. Finally MYM’s dominance was broken until yesterday, DHR pulled the same move on MYM that they pulled back on them 2 months ago. Forcing them to move. MYM who are now located somewhere in the nowhere between Winterfell and Dreadfort broke down. From top to bottom and from the inside to the outside. This meant mission accomplished for Karamazov and DHR, who pulled the biggest coup on K17 and MYM. Members leaving MYM and joining all kinds of other alliances while MYM slowly breaking down and pulling the desparation move of merging Academy and Main alliance to fight back against DHR one last time.


Got to love it when someone refers to themselves in the third person. There is a scientific term for that: illeism. Add to the list Machete.

And it is safe to presume that you are also Mahalanobis?

Video courtesy of Sesame Street.

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  1. Karamazov is just a dirty little prick, who gives out peoples personal information in WC, using peoples real life names


      1. because he join MYM as a mole and sat there for months and befriended people, then plastered their names all over world chat when he went off on one of his glorious rants, bit like the one above, letting everyone know what i dirty little scumbag his has been. people took screen shots of his words and warsheep tried to say nothing happened as usual but as this forum is very DHR oriented saying shit about them won’t matter much here anyway. DHR need to burn but with a weak King in charge of strong bully boy members nothing much will change. and as for DHR winning kvk for K17, hahahahahahaha, yeah ok, wheres the screen shots of the people that did all the work, wheres the leaderboard screen shots lol ELT did most of the work in kvk, but then, like i said, this forum is for DHR.


      2. We appreciate you shedding light into this. If you notice, our only conduit to K17 has been WarSheep. That being the case, it would appear that we are only hearing one side of the story because, prior to you, we have only been getting stories from a single source.


  2. Yeah, what Melissandra says about K2 is a pure lie. She knows better, we know better, but she can’t help spreading that lie over and over again…


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