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This one is short and sweet. We are undecided whether if we like this or not.

We have a player (LtS) Lord Pingee who keeps coming to k15 (i’m pretty sure he is from another server, not sure on that though) Who conastly is trashing everyone on this server just to be a dick. For now i am going to remain nameless….but I’m putting a bounty of 100 million gold on him (I have the boxed resources) to anyone who can come and give him a good thrashing. (Payment is contigent upon executing his lord, unless he drinks poison or something). I will contact the person to give their payment once this is accomplished, or they can send me an email. Happy Hunting!

John Doe

Happy hunting indeed. But isn’t Lord Pingee OG K15? They fought for your kingdom at War of the Kingdoms.

Hey , good work out there , I mean the blog as a whole , it brings entertainment . I wanted to add some comments about K23 in case you were wondering. I could imagine your ravens did not have the best relationship with the leader alliance and they must have been sore because of some stuff. It really does not make sense if they Kingdom is that bad , then what are all of these screenshots of everyone using buffs in k23 and there is a full peace treaty and there are many alliances joining because of the ways things are run … I can’t really tell which one is true… your little bird must have done something … I suggest you take a look at the kingdom personally for a second and you will see if people are getting bullied or literally baby sat to grow . Come ask anyone , there is nothing to hide, I can bring your raven to the main discord and you can see the logs of everyone asking for buffs and growing along side each other … It is only fair if you speak fairly of what’s going on …

BrannStark (K23)

Thank you for your kind words. As for what supposedly ails your kingdom, it is good to know that things have improved or that you have thrived, whatever the case may be.

Yes, we would like to be part of your kingdom. You can leave your invite the same way you sent this message.

Let’s establish contact – k16 has a larger conspiracy than you’d think. I will tell you when I have teleported out of that hellhole…

Arn Spanking

Does publishing this message preempt anything?

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