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Here is something new we are doing. We are going to feature posts from the Westeros Common Bulletin Board since we discovered we can embed content coming from there.

We need more information. From what kingdom are you? What is the strength of the leading alliance? How are they being tyrannical?

Do also note that if your white knight would end up first in the local power rankings that they would need as many Transnational Relocator scrolls as the percentage of the kingdom that would be in debt to them. Just saying.

As if landing Kynaston and the core of Eclipse (ECL) are not enough. Or maybe that was how they garnered Kynaston and crew in the first place.

There is a learning opportunity here, guys.

Kids, communism is not fascism. Read up on your social science textbooks.

If you want to wax philosophical, true communism has not been implemented yet as a societal structure in any part of the world and in any time of history. And do not give me old “Second World” sovereignties as examples. Do not conflate it with authoritarianism. You have me all riled up and I do not like it.

Now that meowmeow and TheDragons (TDG) have been “overthrown”, what next?

Just Level I Monsters or is that the entry level? Because I have knowledge of alliances requiring Level 2 and higher Rebel Leaders as their daily quota.

Are there other platforms where we can gather newsworthy tidbits? Inform us and we will send a correspondent there.

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