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Clearing up our proverbial corkboard also includes going through our mail. In this week’s bag: kingdom high drama makes a return on the spotlight with no major events going live the past several days.

Hey, I have been following the raven and it’s a lot of fun to read. I wanted to give you guys an update about K28 and the fun drama going on here. There has been open rebellion against TDG and Meow for the past 10 days. It started off with TDG withholding titles from G1S. Previously K28 shared titles with everyone in the kingdom. You just had to ask for a title in general chat and the PO would work shifts 24/7 to give everyone titles. They would only give titles to players who were above a certain power level (doing long researches, construction etc.) TDG and G1S took turns to hold KL. The kingdom rules were 1. First to start the line gets the node, regardless of actual distance 2. no burning hives 3. PVP is only allowed outside of the hives, you may attack anyone outside of their hive 4. Level 5 mints belong to TDG and G1S only. We were a peaceful and coordinated kingdom with a central Discord channel where big alliances talked about their differences. We won the KvK for the same reason as most of K29 realized our rallies are too coordinates ( 3, 2,300,000 rallies hitting one after another) for them to be able to defend against. The downside was that the kingdom was inexperienced in war and bubbling, and that showed during initial phase of kvk when K29 made a killing and got really ahead at the start. A few weeks ago there was some attacks between a G1s (player Khob) and a TDG player (gone since) and TDG wanted Khob to be kicked from G1S for his offence, G1S said they will discipline Khob but refused to kick him out . TDG was unhappy and decided that in return they will no longer share KL or titles with anyone else in the kingdom. They said they are the true rulers because of Meow and they have been merely being nice but would not tolerate insubordination. They broke off their alliance with G1S. TDG also got into a fight with KiG over another “insubordination” incident and attacked their hive (which they TDG was defeated with huge losses since Meow was not partaking and KiG players are amazing PVP players). G1S did not comment on TDG’s decisions, only telling them they were disappointed with their decision, but continued sharing titles with TDG and its academy. H5T was also pissed at TDG’s decision to not sharing titles. So about 10 days ago, after G1S handed over KL as per usual ( but knowing TDG is planning to withhold titles), H5T and KiG jumped in and took KL , Sunspear and High Garden. TDG did not have enough players to take KL ( tho they tried and failed). G1S just sat and watched but then it sprung into action and pulverized KaR ( which was a TDG ally) holing RiverRun since H5T and KiG did not have enough resources to take a 4th castle. G1S killed over 1 million KaR soldiers in one rally in KL, sending KaR leadership into absolute panic. However, G1S refused to engage in direct combat with TDG as to preserve the fragile peace of K28. After taking KL, H5T declared rebellion alliance with G1S and KiG and said they would not give titles to TDG as a punishment for wanting to do the same to the rest of the kingdom. G1S again let TDG know that they had not taken any direct action against them and did not wish this to become kingdom burning war. This is when Meow finally got involved. In the next siege on last Sunday Meow was unleashed on the server. He lost over 150 million power, initially he kept attacking KL, he did 7 rallies and lost over 50 million power, every time he would take it, G1S would take it back. G1S communicated that they are going by their agreement of having KL every other week. The fact that TDG lost it last week was not their concern. Then Meow went berserks and began burning G1S hive (which was against server rules), and KiG and H5T hives. Debuff titles were put on biggest rebellion alliances’s players. The rebellion was in full swing. Rebellion alliances’ players ( at this point G1S+ KiG + H5T + TW0) for their part began attacking TDG, KaR and KaG hives ( TDG allies). In 24H, the kingdom top 5 alliances were in complete ruin, with each losing between 200 million- 400 million power. The war did not stop however, with most players now bubbled as they realized the no hive burning rule was out the window, the rebellion decided to deny nodes from TDG, KaR and KaG. TDG and allies attempted to return the favour. The grind was on for a full week with the rebellion and TDG partners going at each other 24/7. Meow losing more and more T4s and spending more and more money to keep up. The banks with millions of gold were emptied to keep the grind going from both ides. Finally on the previous siege, yesterday, Meow did not show up. TDG made no attempt to defend castles and the rebellion took control of all castles. KaG for the most part has been disbanded under the weight of the war, with most of its members abandoning the server or joining TDG to fill its dwindling ranks. The rebellion also created an alliance called ” Robert’s Rebellion” (HoB) to coordinate all T4 rallies. KaR meanwhile has had enough and sued for peace, leaving TDG and its academy the only ones actively fighting the rebellion. TDG has been recruiting from other servers to sustain the battle ( Lady First Aid) + other new players who had no idea what they are getting themselves into. Rumour has it recently they have got in touch with a 4 billion alliance from a different server to recruit some of their members to come over. One thing is for certain, Rebellion has won the battle , but the war is still not over. I have battle reports available from discord channel if you needed them.


In this wall of text (which we appreciate receiving, by the way), we have rival alliances getting involved in drama, Protocol Officer buff privileges being revoked, kingdom rules becoming nullified, a whale going mad, a rebellion upending an established power, and cross-K recruitment. Basically, a kingdom in chaos and anarchy.

I believe this explains why a four-member alliance is holding King’s Landing in our last Great City snapshot.

As for the invite, just send it the same way you delivered your message. Preferably, set it so that the invite does not expire in case we do not get to check our mailbag in timely fashion.

Masive changes in k18 after the most powerful alliances decided to merge. ThE merged with DWV into PRO, which created a lot of chaos in the kingdom. Former members of both alliances decided to join other alliances, such as CtL and DKA, while others even transferred kingdoms. As a result, DKA has grown a lot in power lately. Perhaps DKA will be the new owner of KL? Rumour has it that even CtL is looking for a new merge. Meanwhile, in k11 a new rivalry is born, between the most powerful alliances of the server: XGA and NOM.


This part caught my attention: “others even transferred kingdoms”. At around the same time we received this letter, we received word from our birds that K18 was not ‘accepting’ new alliances into your fold. Which is it then?

XGame and LetThemEatCake are not new rivals. They have been on each other’s throats ever since their kingdom entered our radar. And this was after someone declared in a public forum K11 is peaceful.

Hey the war in k5 is heating up against the coalition formed by CAI against Sin. During Last siege Cai togheter with all theyr allies joined in one Alliance to kick R4V out of Sunspear forcing R4V to join up versus the coalition and today a bit of revenge happened and CAI player Levison 200mil got nuked down to zero. Would send screenshots of it but where?


Do you know that your name reminds me of this song? We love it so much we will link another official version of it and embed another:

As for the battle reports, you have ways to send them to me.

Greetings, I am the former leader of K8’s LOL, Homo Sapien. I am contacting you in response to your latest post about Izzy (Weeble). She was a very close friend of mine; we knew each other for months. She was reluctant to have her picture taken and would not want them to be in full public view. I do not know who shared them with you, but they were meant for our community’s eyes, and ours only. I have also spoken with Collin, the one handling her account, and he does not condone this in any way. On behalf of the LOL community, and Izzy’s family, I ask that you take those down her real life pictures (the ones where she is popping her head out of a vehicle, wearing a helmet and adjusting her bag near bicycles, and the wall. I would personally prefer that you rewrite your entire post without any private comments made for our community specifically, but I believe her eulogy can stay. Thank you for your comprehension.

Homo Sapien

Hello. Someone has reached out to us and requested to have her pictures removed, which we already did. As for taking down any additional comments, may I know which ones are those you are referring? Thanks.

On Kingdom 38 I have instated peace and invited many alliances to take participate in the game where they were usually bullied on other kingdoms. We have fair siege rules with incentives so encourage participation or leave those that want to rather be peaceful. Our greater goal is KvK and we have built an awesome community with probably one of the least toxic World Chats in the game. This will be the kingdom you write about most in the future, so I would enquire you to do some investigation into what an amazing kingdom we’ve built. I would give you an entire write up but I’m quite busy running our kingdom. I am available on discord if you would like to know more or have our Discord server to peruse for information.


If anyone is objecting to this assessment of K38 or has dissenting opinions on the messenger, state them now or forever hold your peace.

Ok, so the news on K23 were that TZU was basically dethroned over K16 incoming alliances that took just one siege to have them out of Kings Landing, after that the didnt even had a single castle for 2 sieges and one day the TZU alliance was disbanded, allegedly, cuz the current sub-leader (as ICEMAN named him as leader to face the consequences of his previous actions and take no responsibility on it) was “hacked”, zeroed and disbanded the alliance, so TZU disappeared form K23 just to emerge as S23 with just 600M power (after having 2B) and most of their former members joined the “16 coalition” alliances where many of them have stated “TZU was a massive ego game where the “king” and his 5 marquises where the only ones allowed to gather in level 5 nodes, only them can hold titles and receive buffs or chests” one of them also said “ICEMAN sent mails to ask all former TZU members to come home, but that was not home for no one”

Diane S.

I would like to hear from ARTofWAR or any of its former spokespersons. What can you say now?

And this is it for last week’s set of raven messages. Do remember to keep sending them letters. Also reminding everyone to help us hit our goals by becoming our Patron.

Video courtesy of London Recordings.

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