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In this edition: transfer news, big and small; kingdom-shaking news, all big; a castle on a bank run, not as big as a bank breach but still significant; and reactions to some of our previous stories, always big in our eyes.

I have a scoop for but cant reveal it just yet, but its newsworthy, contact me after the mobilization even is over


Here is a regular raven message sender from K6. I contacted you, but it appears that the only change on your end is that you transferred alliances from Burning (FoF) to StormOfSwords (SvS).

That is quite underwhelming to be a scoop; nevertheless, we appreciate you being a regular follower of the publication.

I think you should write about the latest K3 Castle Siege. This siege was epic: each castle is occupied by a different alliance. It all started when the previous King of the server conceded the crown to someone else in their alliance. The [GTH] alliance has held control over the kingdom for a very long time, but today they seem to have settled w/ just keeping King’s Landing. They tried to get some other castles (Storm’s End and the Eyrie), but they weren’t able to. With only a few castles left to be disputed for and no action going around near them, it stands that each castle is occupied by a different alliance. The World Chat was also going crazy with people talking in English, German, French and Spanish. It was the first REAL castle siege in a long time.


Contrary to the information that we have, it appears there might be life on K3. This kingdom might be worth following.

Click for more images. Surprise meme at the end.

This is the day when an alliance member died for our sins. Okay, it’s more like they quit the game so they unpacked their resources and let us harvest what’s remaining. Please note upon first scouting, there was easily 8-10x more resources than this but our people move fast. And I lost the scout report.

Kearney Sand

Make sure you send a thank you note to the estate of your dearly departed (departed as in left, not its more macabre synonym) comrade.

Hi thanks for redacting my name but I’d like to let you know I did not screenshot the wc conversation about Waarabunny stating they need to pay him to move. However, we(k3) were doing the math and how limited one is to get translocation scrolls within in a month. The option to buy with black diamonds only popped up twice during that time with a limit of 4 you can buy at the time. You can only get 1-2 scrolls per month through alliance coins max. He needed 90 scrolls. So unless he indeed did get favored assistance in some way by GtArcade it would be impossible for him to transfer from K3 to K2. Just to clarify also, my alliance indeed is moving to K14 and I cannot because I can’t even get the 10-12 scrolls to move myself even if I bought them with cash within a few months (I would be ranked 22-25 there). Thanks.

tin foiled hat wearing conspiracy theorist

I get what you are saying. The only time I changed kingdoms is when I transferred a bank to K14 back when it still had a novice transfer and whenever we establish a Raven Express office in that kingdom.

(Cheap plug: The Raven Express is currently serving K1, K2, and K3. You can reach us via in-game mail or private chat on K# GOT Raven, # = your corresponding kingdom number. Coordinates upon request. We are open 24 hours. We do not allow ‘souvenirs’ to be taken, else our Level I guards will accost you.)

Back to the topic of your letter: can you explain this?

This is nothing out of ordinary. What we have here is a Finnish reindeer in disguise, and clearly out of its natural habitat. They tend to get drunk at Santa’s Workshop and wander around. Please, let Santa know you found Rudolph.


The video below might explain why Rudolph has gone missing.

Thanks for including K:10. HTT is on the move up in the global rankings after half a dozen players from ONE in K2 have transferred. Most notable of those is the 400M player Korillion. HTT has established hegemony since the very first siege event and have their goals set high in KVK, especially with new talent migrating there daily.


I can sense the elation everyone is feeling there. This transfer can be compared to this:

In K2 ONE Athens has split due to drama inside the alliance. Leader Nightk1ng passed the leadership to ArchTemplar who is a rogue member and widely hated by the server. NightK1ng then made his own alliance called BDD BalerionsDread and collected most of the old Athens members. Former diplomat of Athens, Big Gaz also made his own alliance and he said in world chat that his plans for it was to members to pay protection money, and his alliance would protect those who pay. SavinLiviu the leader of DcL DaciaLegion was seen in world chat congratulating Big Gaz for making his own alliance and to see how drama destroys alliances.


Apparently, a lot has been happening on K2. As is the norm.

Can we say it is the end of an era there?

Video courtesy of Derrick D. Image courtesy of Express Newspapers.


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