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This week marks the second holding of War of the Kingdoms. Although the matchups are determined randomly, we at The Raven Express cannot help ourselves guess what possible pairings we would get.

Here are some of the most enticing matchups we can think of.

K8 vs K14

We would have wanted to test K8’s coordination by having to face either K1 or K2. But due to recent events, this might turn out better than our original idea.

Key matchup: K8’s families versus K14’s top four (five)

K1 vs K3

The only reason for this matchup is so that we can see g3aker win against his former kingdom.

Key to victory for K1: brute force

Key for K1 to lose: overconfidence

K2 vs K5

Talk about a reunion. It would be like a typical ‘old school’ K2 Castle Siege but for 24 hours.

Watch to watch out for: DaciaLegion’s (DcL) “secret sauce” versus the former Rebellion’s “secret sauce”

K6 vs K9

We asked this before, we will request it again. Give us this, please!

Stipulation: bank castles ladder match. Whoever wins gets to own the other kingdom’s bank castles.

Something else to look out for: battle of whales who were beaten badly in the last War of the Kingdoms

K10 vs K12

These two kingdoms share something common, although the Lords and Ladies that bind them together have since gone to K8.

What we want to see: a good, clean matchup with fair play and no backdoor deals

K28 vs K33

We just want to see two castles battle to the end. Everybody else should stay bubbled and no one should interfere. Let the bodies hit the floor.

Small case against ALL CAPS: meowmeow versus TERRAX

K21 vs K24

Truth be told, we just want to highlight K24’s preparation for War of the Kingdoms and the closest most feasible matchup we can think of is K21.

The kingdom that most closely resembles K8 in War of the Kingdoms single-mindedness: K24

K13 vs K17

Two words: WalletsOfDestruction (WMD) and DothrakiRaiders (DHR).

K18 vs K22

Asylum kingdom up against another asylum kingdom. Lots of fuckups and incidental friendly fire potentially in store.

What to expect: Schadenfreude

K23 vs K29

Things might have changed since, but we want to see these two paired because of this.

It would be fun if: K29 allows K23 to occupy big castles in exchange for resources.

K26 vs K27

With Far East alliances at the helm of both kingdoms, we dub thee the Battle of Taiwan. Which Tai-wins, which would be Tai-one?

Closest out-of-Westeros approximation of rivalry: F4 versus 5566

K30 vs K31

We are grasping straws at this point.

Close enough: HMR (HearMeRoar) versus HNR (Honour)

K7 vs K11

A late addition. Both kingdoms have King’s Landing being swapped between two alliances that hate each other.

Count on the following to happen during War of the Kingdoms: K7 versus K7 and K11 versus K11.

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Image courtesy of Screen Crush.

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